Bryntail Cottage

Registered Charity Number: 1190062

Securing the legacy of Bryntail for the next 100 years


The charity has launched a campaign to ensure that future generations of young people will continue to have life changing experiences at the cottage.  For the last 105 years improvements and maintenance has been conducted by adult volunteers – enthusiastic amateurs.  The time has come for professional expertise to refurbish the fabric of the buildings, not least because they are now grade two listed because of their mining heritage.  In addition the facilities need to be improved to enable as wide a spectrum of children and adult supervisors to access the experience – not just the hardiest!  Everybody has their own personal journey to make outside their comfort zone.  The garden needs landscaping work done to secure the boundary and allow a return to the cottage’s roots by enabling it to host camping in the grounds.

The work can be done in stages and the trustees are applying to grant making trusts to support the work.  We are already grateful for the support of the following organisations:

The Oakdale Trust

The William A Cadbury Trust

GJW Turner Trust

Arconic Foundation

Blakemore Foundation

Individual donations can be made through our CAF Donate page (use donate button at the top of the page).

Bryntail – the vision


Click here to see the initial proposals for the redevelopment.

The outcome of the redevelopment will be:

· Complete refurbishment of the fabric of the buildings to comply with current building regulations and listed building status.

· Dormitory accommodation for children in each building to enable coeducational visits.

· Twin ensuite rooms for staff in each building to enable adequate overnight supervision.

· A new kitchen.

· Refurbished ablution block for the children.

· Landscaping of the grounds and removal of the old Portakabin to allow a return to the Bryntail camping heritage.

· New bunk beds and furniture.

· Replacement of the garden fence.

· Environmentally friendly green technology for heating, hot water, and lighting to reduce bills and to act as a teaching resource.