Term restarts on April 29th (Week 1). Spaces available in Year 8.


The Tile Cross Academy curriculum is designed and shaped by the need to drive standards of attainment as high as possible for every child so that every child in school can reach their full potential. We achieve this by:

  • Creating and maintaining a learning environment where students are encouraged and enabled to realise their potential
  • Students taking responsibility for their own learning and development, both through formal and informal learning opportunities and ongoing assessment
  • Developing a culture for learning based on engagement in which individuals learn from any mistakes made and where excellence and innovation are encouraged and rewarded
  • Promoting the value of a balanced, holistic lifestyle as part of each individual’s overall personal development

Curriculum Vision

Our vision is to provide 21st Century learning opportunities that will develop our young people into confident, independent, lifelong learners, who make a positive contribution and are well prepared for leading a good and successful life

Curriculum Principles:

Every student will have a personalised curriculum based on prior attainment data, student aspirations and free choice of option subjects the entire planned learning experience,” encompassing lessons, enrichment activities, trips and topic day


Further Curriculum Information

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