Our intent is for all our newly arrived EAL pupils with little or no English to be performing alongside their same-age peers by the end of their first term in school.  A specialised and personalised curriculum is in place to meet the needs of each pupil with reading material carefully selected to build vocabulary and comprehension of academic language. 

A scheme of work covering the basic and intermediate skills in English Language needed for social and academic language is taught. 

Literacy based lessons include ICT skills to enable pupils to access online learning resources.  Reading tests and end of unit assessments are used to identify weak areas. 

When and where appropriate, programmes such as Lexia and Toe by Toe are introduced to strengthen Phonological skills, Spelling, Reading and Comprehension.  

The impact is that all pupils from the Language and Literacy groups make accelerated progress through to Skills School 1 and are able to participate in all curriculum areas. 

At the end of the school year, 90% of new arrivals pupils moved to Skills School 1 and a mixed teaching group at the end of each term.

The pupils remaining are monitored for possible SEND needs and given further intervention.

Current numbers at KS 3 (December 2019)

7SK = 13 (NKG = 6, AAR = 7)

8SK = 15 (FMU = 8, NKG = 7)


The vision of the EAL Pathway is for our post KS3 pupils with little, interrupted or no prior education to develop their literacy, numeracy and digital skills. 

ASDAN and ACHIEVE have been introduced to provide a qualification thus opening the door to Post – 16 courses and further study.  The course draws from a variety of curriculum areas and the teachers leading this area are trained to deliver using a multi-skills approach.

Our intent is for all our EAL pupils to achieve qualifications in different skills which will be their ticket to lifelong education.    

The EAL Pathway sits in two KS4 option blocks and pupils receive 5 or 10 lessons over a fortnight.  Lessons are a mixture of Art, Language, Digital skills and Vocational courses such as Food Wise and Healthy Lifestyles.

ASDAN and ACHIEVE modules are externally moderated and upon successful completion, pupils are awarded a certificate.

Each module is assessed by an internal verifier and areas for improvement are planned and developed for next lessons.  All completed work must be externally moderated before a certificate can be awarded.

The EAL Pathway is recognized across the academy as providing an inspiring and motivating curriculum for KS 4 pupils with little or no prior education.  The personalised and specialised nature of this Pathway allows pupils to display and utilise skills in lessons such as Maths, PE and Science alongside their monolingual English-speaking peers.

Pupils achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates in ASDAN, Entry 1 to Level 1 certificates on the ACHIEVE and ESOL awards.