Week 1 (w/c 14th October 2019)

Exam Results


Provisional Data Summary 2019 KS4 Outcomes


School Name:        Tile Cross Academy

 Head Teacher:      Paul Marano (Head Teacher) 


Number of Pupils Entered for KS4 111
Number of Pupils included in Progress 8 61


  Number of Pupils Achieving Percentage of Pupils Achieving
4+ in English & Maths 46 41.4%
4+  in English 57 51.4%
4+ in Maths 58 52.3%


We are currently awaiting for the DFE to update their provisional data. Some of our grades have yet to be updated and are not included in the DFE provisional figures at  this time.

Attainment 8 Score (all pupils) 3.4
Progress 8 score (pupils with prior data) -0.26
Progress 8 score (all pupils) +0.15


Student Destinations – % of students who continue in further education or training = 100%