House Competitions

Summer Term Competition 1

Design a mascot for ParalympicsGB

The PowerPoint (click here to download it) will give you a lot of information to help you design the perfect mascot.

Download the entry form here – you can then:

a) print it out, fill it in and then send in a scan or photo 

b) attach your computer-aided design or photo to the form and send it in

You don’t have to enter the National competition but why not have a go. Details of how to enter are are on the PowerPoint and the Competition poster.

Whether you enter Nationally or not – send your designs to to enter for your House and win points.

Which House will win?

Every fortnight the PE department organises an Inter-House competition which runs after school on a Tuesday. Every half term a different faculty organises an event either within lessons or in a student’s own time. Points are awarded to winners and runners up which go towards the end of year House Trophy. 

Click the links below to see what has been going on this year so far. (Currently only PE, Art, English and Maths have content – the pages of other faculties will be constructed in the coming weeks).






Creative Technology

Performing Arts