Week 2 (w/c June 10th 2019). Spaces available in Year 8.

International links

The school has a wide variety of international links with schools around the world.  Exchanges are regularly conducted with pupils being able to participate at no cost as a result of generous grant funding.


Erasmus + ‘Listen Stories WW2’

This is a European Union schools partnership project with four partner schools from Germany, Turkey, Romania, and Croatia.  Pupils and staff have visited all the schools as part of the project with the exception of Turkey, which is scheduled for April 2017. http://www.listenpast.eu/


Erasmus + ‘Everybody is Special – you only have to see it’.

This European Union project involves five other partner schools from Holland, Malta, Turkey, Spain, and Hungary.  Staff and pupils will visit all the schools.  The first visit with pupils will be in March 2017.  http://www.everybodyisspecial.eu/home


Lefevre Trust. 

This is an Anglo-French linking programme that allowed us to run an exchange with a partner school in Paris.  Twelve pupils from each school have undertaken visits to each other to examine French and British national values.

UK – German Connection.  This programme has funded an exchange with our partner school in Berlin looking at remembrance of WW1.

Connecting Classrooms. 

This British Council programme has supported our link with Pakistan Scouts Cadet College (PSCC).  They have visited the school twice since 2014, including joining us on a WW1 battle field tour of Ypres.