KS3 Creative Technology (Yr 8)

Curriculum Overview


Point in Year

Unit of Work Title

Starting Point

Curriculum Content

Core Knowledge

Curriculum Content

Core Skills

Mid-term and Final  Assessments

Rotation 1

Food- Basic Skills & Nutrition 


Food around the World

  • Using Kitchen Equipment
  • Food Packaging
  • Specifications
  • Nutrition
  • Pizza Dough
  • Taste Testing
  • Evaluating made dishes
  • Batch Produced Shortbread
  • 2D Design Software

Midterm Assessment: Jam Tarts Practical

End Assessment: Cake Practical

Rotation 2

Engineering- Metal Project

Wood Bot

  • Metal theory
  • Material finishes
  • ACCESS FM & Task Analysis
  • Producing a copper pendant
  • Using 2D Design software
  • Measuring & Marking Out.
  • Using hand & power tools safely.

Midterm Assessment: Theory Test

End Assessment: Students produce a Wood Bot

Rotation 3

ICT- Basic Skills

Saving Our Planet

How to Operate Extensively:
  • Microsoft office
  • Designing software- Adobe/ Techsoft Designing and Editing.
    • Hyperlinks & Animation
    • Using formulae
    • Internet searches
    • Creating logo designs

    Midterm Assessment: Endangered Species Brochure.

    End Assessment: Spy School module.