KS3 Skills School English

Curriculum Overview

Point in Year

Unit of Work Title

Starting Point

Curriculum Content

Core Knowledge

Curriculum Content

Core Skills

Mid-term and Final  Assessments

Fresh Start Intervention

Ruth Miskin Inc. RWI Fresh Start Phonics 

Pupils are regularly assessed and placed at an appropriate starting module to their knowledge of phonics.

  • Phonemes and graphemes
  • Single syllable/ multisyllabic words
  • Root words and suffixes
  • Blending words
  • Reading words on sight
  • Spellings
  • Understanding words in context
  • Build towards accurate and fluent reading.
  • Vocabulary building
  • Grammar practice
  • Retrieval and inference questions
  • Planning and note taking
  • Editing and redrafting
  • SPAG

Midterm Assessment – Each child is assessed throughout the module through reading on sight and spellings. Comprehension is tested weekly and at the end of each module the children complete a writing task based on the story they have read.

End Assessment – The children will complete the Fresh Start assessment as well as a reading comprehension test.

Guided Reading Intervention

Guided Reading

Understanding and comprehension skills. 

  • Contextual knowledge relating to the text
  • How a text is structured
  • Knowing writer’s purpose

  • Understanding words in context.
  • Retrieval skills
  • Writer’s use of language for effect – word choice
  • Applying knowledge to inference in the text
  • Reading for meaning,

Midterm Assessment – Each child is assessed at the end of each half term through suitably challenging reading tests.

End Assessment – The children will complete a KS2 reading assessment.