KS4 Mathematics

GCSE MATHEMATICS                                   

 AN INTRODUCTION TO THE COURSE                                                    

Mathematics contributes to the school curriculum by developing student’s abilities to solve problems, to calculate, to reason logically, algebraically, and geometrically and to make sense of data. Mathematics is important for students in many other areas of study, particularly Science and Technology. It is also important in everyday life, in many forms of employment and in decision-making.

We want all our students to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, to be able to reason mathematically and to solve problems by applying their mathematical understanding to a variety of problems. Mathematical Mastery for all is our over-riding aim.

Within the Mathematics department, we aim to set challenging targets with high expectations for all our students. We strongly believe in the importance of offering a variety of different approaches to teaching and learning to help motivate students. We will always look to ensure that the students are actively participating and enjoying mathematics.

At the end of their mathematical education at Tile Cross Academy, it is our vision that each student will:

  • experience the satisfaction and enjoyment of their mathematical achievements
  • think and act as an independent learner
  • identify patterns, understand the meaning behind these and see the connections between a variety of mathematical topics
  • reason clearly and logically and set out logical and well thought-out arguments
  • approach problems systematically choosing appropriate techniques for their solution
  • communicate with a team; sharing and investigating problems
  • perform basic numeracy skills
  • understand the mathematics likely to be encountered in everyday life
  • obtain their best possible results at all times, especially with the public examinations at Key Stage 4.


We strive to provide a strong foundation of mathematical skills for all our students and to realise the potential of each individual.  At Key Stage 3 we lay a thorough foundation of all necessary skills and endeavor develop through investigative and thought provoking activities a deep understanding of the mathematical concepts. At Key Stage 4 our students follow the Edexcel GCSE course.

We have a team of Learning Support Assistants and city Year Mentors working within the department which means they are able to support students with the subject knowledge as well as providing the required support within the lesson.

Math’s Support Sessions are run for all year groups. These are well attended and students can come for a variety of  reasons; from wanting to take part in     mathematical games, to get support from staff on specific or varied aspects of Mathematics or to get help with their homework.


Below you will find relevant resources to support you in your learning in mathematics.  We recommend that you spend time visiting the links below and practice the exam questions listed.


Revision web links:


Maths PIXL App

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Maths Genie 

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Maths Watch

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MyMaths logo


We recommend you download the exam papers and practice the questions.  Once you have practiced the questions we suggest you check your work in the worked solution section and review your work.  If you’re unsure please see your teacher or a member of the mathematics team to help guide you with your work.


Here are some resources for you:


Paper 1 Predicted Papers

(click each to open)

Predicted paper 2018 foundation                                                       Predicted paper 2018 foundation solutions

Predicted paper 2018 higher                                                               Predicted  paper 2018 higher solutions

Predicted paper 2019 foundation                                                       Predicted paper 2019 foundation solutions

Predicted paper 2019 higher                                                               Predicted paper 2019 higher solutions


Paper 2 Predicted Papers

(click each to open)

Predicted paper 2 2017 foundation                                                       Predicted paper 2 2017 foundation solutions

Predicted paper  2 2017 higher                                                              Predicted  paper 2 2017 higher solutions

Predicted paper  2 2018 foundation                                                      Predicted paper 2 2018 foundation solutions

Predicted paper 2 2018 higher                                                               Predicted paper 2 2018 higher solutions


Paper 3 Predicted Papers

(click each to open)

Predicted paper 3 2017 foundation                                                       Predicted paper 3 2017 foundation solutions

Predicted paper  3 2017 higher                                                              Predicted  paper 3 2017 higher solutions

Predicted paper  3 2018 foundation                                                      Predicted paper 3 2018 foundation solutions

Predicted paper 3 2018 higher                                                               Predicted paper 3 2018 higher solutions