KS4 Religious Education

GCSE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                          



Section A: –The study of religions

Students will study beliefs and teachings of Christianity and Islam.

Christianity: Students will study the following Key beliefs and teachings.

  • The nature of God:
  • Creation – including the role of Word and Spirit.
  • The afterlife, including: resurrection and life after death; judgement, heaven and hell.
  • Jesus Christ and salvation

Islam: Students will study the following Key beliefs and teachings.

  • The six articles of faith in Sunni Islam and five roots of faith in Shi’a Islam.
  • The nature of God.
  • Angels – their nature and role.
  • Predestination and human freedom.
  • Life after.

Section B: -Thematic studies: religious, philosophical and ethical studies

Students will study two themes.

Theme A: Relationships and families

  • Sex, marriage and divorce
  • Families and gender equality

Theme B: Religion, peace and conflict

  • Religion, violence, terrorism and war
  • Religion and belief in 21st century conflict

How will I be taught?

You will have 5 hours of lessons per 2-timetable weeks, over 3 years. Catch up classes will also be available.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is by 100% written examination. This will be delivered through 3 examination papers.

Where can this subject take me?

The skills developed in this course will prepare you for further study in 6th form in a range of         subjects including AS/A level, English, Sociology and Philosophy and Ethics. In addition it will be useful in any career choice, especially ones which require you to regularly communicate with other people. This includes law, teaching, social care, journalism and tourism to name a few.