Week 2 (w/c June 10th 2019). Spaces available in Year 8.

Mathematics at Tile Cross Academy


Welcome to our Mathematics resource web page.  Here you will find relevant resources to support you in your learning in mathematics.  We recommend that you spend time visiting the links below and practice the exam questions listed.


Revision web links:


Maths PIXL App GCSE POD Maths Genie  Maths Watch MyMaths


We recommend you download the exam papers and practice the questions.  Once you have practiced the questions we suggest you check your work in the worked solution section and review your work.  If you’re unsure please see your teacher or a member of the mathematics team to help guide you with your work.


Here are some resources for you:

Paper 2 Predicted Papers

(click each to open)

Predicted paper 2 2017 foundation                                                       Predicted paper 2 2017 foundation solutions

Predicted paper  2 2017 higher                                                              Predicted  paper 2 2017 higher solutions

Predicted paper  2 2018 foundation                                                      Predicted paper 2 2018 foundation solutions

Predicted paper 2 2018 higher                                                               Predicted paper 2 2018 higher solutions


Paper 3 Predicted Papers

(click each to open)

Predicted paper 3 2017 foundation                                                       Predicted paper 3 2017 foundation solutions

Predicted paper  3 2017 higher                                                              Predicted  paper 3 2017 higher solutions

Predicted paper  3 2018 foundation                                                      Predicted paper 3 2018 foundation solutions

Predicted paper 3 2018 higher                                                               Predicted paper 3 2018 higher solutions



Paper 1 Predicted Papers

(click each to open)

Predicted paper 2018 foundation                                                       Predicted paper 2018 foundation solutions

Predicted paper 2018 higher                                                               Predicted  paper 2018 higher solutions

Predicted paper 2019 foundation                                                       Predicted paper 2019 foundation solutions

Predicted paper 2019 higher                                                               Predicted paper 2019 higher solutions