Martineau House

Martineau House

Martineau House seeks to guide each student on their journey at Tile Cross Academy,   offering not only knowledge but a sense of belonging, a feeling of family but most of all an ‘I can do’ attitude.

As a member of Martineau house students will maintain the standards and expectations set out in our school CORE values. Due to the uniqueness and diversity of our House all students will be treated as individuals each with their own set of values and beliefs. The Martineau team will nurture this in order to promote individuality and guide student’s moral compass for the best possible outcome.

In Martineau House we will strive to be:

House History

Our house is named for one of the first schools on our Academy’s current site – Sir Wilfrid Martineau School which opened in 1959. This school was named in honour of Sir Wilfrid Martineau, a prominent politician who served as Lord Mayor of Birmingham from 1940-41. Sir Wilfrid was a member of the Martineau family who were very prominent in Birmingham with 5 of them taking up the Mayor/Lord Mayor post.  In September 2002, Sir Wilfrid Martineau School merged with Byng Kenrick Central School to become The International School.