Physical Education

‘To create a happy student who achieves academically and practically through taking part in physical activities in PE lessons and clubs. Whist developing their physical, emotional and social wellbeing and a love of sport;

Ensuring students have positive experiences and providing students with a destination to continue with sport, health and social care in the next stage of their lives’.


Our exciting broad Key Stage 3 curriculum provides the opportunity for students to experience a wide of range of sports. Building on Key Stage 2 our aim is to develop our student’s knowledge, skills and CORE skills to create a well-rounded student who can access sports and fitness. Our CORE Assessment Framework mirrors the National Curriculum for PE and allows students to progress throughout the Key Stage.

At Key Stage 4 we currently offer GCSE and vocational courses in Sport, Health and Social Care and Child Care; these subjects give students the opportunity to specialise in health, care, fitness and performance, leading to exciting careers in the Sports/Health/Care industries. Our academic curriculum compliments our Key Stage 4 CORE PE curriculum where students apply subject knowledge and subject expertise learnt in Key Stage 3 in game situations in a range of different sports. Our PE Passport scheme maps out pathways for students to specialise and stay in sport in life after Tile Cross.


Our inclusive extra curriculum is carefully designed to enable students to enjoy and take part in an extensive list of activities after school and at lunch time. Our programme is mapped out from feedback from student’s voice and there are exciting clubs on every evening from 3:15pm till 4:15pm. Clubs are run by specialist teachers and external qualified coaches. In addition students have the chance to represent the school in the Birmingham School Games and inter school fixtures.

Our House system is at the heart of the school and our House competition stimulates healthy competition in both sporting and subject competitions. This encapsulates the PE faculty’s philosophy of providing exciting opportunities for all in our new state of the art facilities.


Our 6 Steps to Success

  • To create winning behaviours within PE so all students reach their potential (Article 29 Goals of Education) in both practical and theory elements, ensuring that we deliver consistent structures and routines that support and improve teaching and learning so all students can access, make progress and enjoy the range of activities within the PE curriculum. Inspire students to stay in sport after Year 11 through the Key Stage 4 PE Passport Scheme
  • Deliver a CORE and Academic assessment framework so students understand their current level of performance and how to improve. Develop skills in self/peer assessment to enrich students understanding and analysis of performance. Instil knowledge, ensure students can retain/recall subject knowledge and develop subject expertise to apply knowledge. (Article 29)
  • Enrich the lives of students and give them an inclusive range of opportunities to participate in lunch and after school activities to inspire them to enjoy the benefits of sport throughout their lives realising their right for leisure, play and culture (Article 31).
  • Develop character and social skills in lessons and clubs to create a untiring, caring and well-rounded inquisitive students who fully understand their role society. (Article 12)
  • Develop student’s physical ability in PE/sports to enable students to access sports to enrich student enjoyment. Develop student knowledge of fitness to create a healthier student.
  • Develop students understanding of emotional well-being, so students can be happy and understand support pathways. (Rights Respecting Articles)