School Uniform


Our governors, staff, pupils and parents recognise the important contribution school uniform has in establishing the right attitude to learning. Tile Cross Academy believes a school uniform for pupils is important to promote a good, well ordered, working environment.

The uniform items fulfill the criteria for clothing that is suitable, comfortable, affordable, practical and purposeful for an effective learning and teaching setting in a safe and healthy environment.

Uniform gives our children a sense of belonging in the school.


Any parent who has applied successfully to the Yardley Trust will be issued with vouchers in the next few weeks.

Any other uniform voucher queries should be directed to Birmingham City Council. These vouchers are not available from the school.

Our school uniform can be purchased from Mansuri Schoolwear. Details below. Click here to see their special offer.



Clicking the logo will take you to our page of their website and clicking the map will take you to their store locator page.

  • BLAZER: mid grey with logo on pocket.
  • BLOUSE/SHIRT: plain white long or short sleeved and fully tucked in.
  • TIE: clip on tie must be worn in school at all times with shirt collar buttoned to the top.
  • TROUSERS or SKIRT: mid grey trousers standard fit (ankle length). A-line Skirt at least knee length or long length to ankle. (Jeans, jeggings, chinos, “stretch clothing” or similar ARE NOT ALLOWED).
  • JUMPER (Optional): house grey V neck jumper.
  • TIGHTS/SOCKS: plain black – socks to be ankle length.
  • FOOTWEAR: sensible flat plain black lace-up (with black laces), or slip-on shoes with solid soles are acceptable for boys and girls. (not trainers or boots).
  • OUTDOOR COATS: colour of choice.
  • HEAD SCARVES/ACCESSORIES: MUST be plain black and discreet. No fashion/outdoor scarves are to be worn in school


  • One pair of stud earrings or sleepers – must be discreet and worn in the ear lobe.
  • One neck chain worn under the uniform
  • A wrist watch
  • One small plain ring. Not Permitted – Bracelets, facial or other body piercing


  • Make-up worn should be natural, subtle and discreet. Only clear nail varnish can be worn


  • Hairstyles are not to be extreme in appearance nor of outrageous fashion/design. All colour of hair is to be natural

The wearing of a head scarf or hijab, for religious reasons, is permitted. Garments covering the face or whole body, for example the abaya and niqab are not permitted.



  • Black House Tile Cross Polo Shirt. Black Shorts or Tracksuit Bottoms or Leggings. Trainers.
  • For warmth – PE sweatshirt only or black base layers. If you do not have any of these items for your PE lesson you will be given a 30 minute detention. Students unable to participate physically must still bring PE kit and get changed to take part in the lesson in roles such as scoring recorder, coach, assessor or official.


  • Do not bring valuable equipment, jewellery or other items into school, particularly on the days you have PE. It is your responsibility to look after your own valuables, not the responsibility of your PE teacher or friend. Any losses/damages incurred will not be refunded by the school. Lockers are available in PE to keep valuables safe. These require a £1 coin which is returned when the locker is finished with. All jewellery MUST be removed for PE.