Week 1 (w/c 14th October 2019)

Song For Europe



Click above to see the official music video : “What do you want”

On Sunday 24th March 2019 Mr Hutchinson ably assisted by Ms. H. Tahlil took a group of eight TCA students to the final Song For Europe expedition to Hamburg Germany.

The Song For Europe project was funded by the Erasmus+ fund and was initially set up by Mr N. MacKintosh.

After starting 2 years ago with a team meeting in Barcelona Spain attended by Mr Hutchinson, Mr MacKintosh and staff from schools in Barcelona Spain, Hamburg Germany and Istanbul Turkey, the project came to a close on Friday 29th March with a live concert in Hamburg Germany featuring performances from students from all of the schools involved culminating in a performance of the Song for Europe composed in collaboration by the students themselves.

It has been an amazing journey for the students who have been involved in what is a truly international music compositional affair with the song initially composed here at T.C.A. in February 2018, the music video shot in Barcelona Spain in October 2018, additional video shot in Istanbul Turkey in January 2019, the Video released worldwide via Youtube, Instagram and other platforms on 28th March 2019 and the final concert performance in Hamburg Germany 29th March 2019.

This has proved to be a mammoth project to orchestrate that has been made easier due to the 22 students and 6 staff from T.C.A. that have been a credit to themselves and to our Academy all of whom are listed below also not forgetting the man who made it all possible Mr N. Mackintosh and the unsung heroine Mrs H. Hodgins.  Thank you everyone.

Students:  Teigan Walker, Aman Akhtar, Muhammad Sagar, Marieme Top, Jakub Zarow, Ibrahim Nafea, Mahedy Basher, Ellie-Mae Spinks, Mariem Anine, Adriana Gogoro, Simran Kaur, Glory Ozoemena, Ellejah Paul, Olivia Paul, Jethro Paul, Sonia Masih, Christabel Baidoo, Francesca Blount, Filippos Hileyesus, Andra Ocolisanu, Iulia Petraru and Aianna Macawili.

Staff:  Mr P. Jones, Mrs. N Begum, Ms. S Tulloch, Ms. H. Tahlil, Ms. B. Tanveer, Ms. T. Chowdhury.