New Academic Year starts on Wednesday 4th September 2019.



Our Vision:

Tile Cross Academy is a small and caring 11-16 mixed comprehensive school that was created on 1st May 2017.  As part of WHMAT partnerships and collaborative working are at the heart of everything we do.  We have high expectations for our students and we aim to provide a high quality education in an atmosphere of mutual respect where each individual is valued as an important member of our school community.  With the wide range of backgrounds and cultures represented in our school population we celebrate diversity and difference, whilst recognising that we are all equal.  We strive to develop and nurture the values, skills and attributes which create good citizens and lifelong learners, so that every student can discover, develop and achieve their full potential and be successful in whatever path they choose.   Our broad and balanced curriculum prepares our students to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society, ready and willing to grasp the opportunities available to them and positive about their futures.

Our Motto:


We value our education.  Our attitude towards school is always positive.  Our positive attitudes mean that we can make progress.


We are confident and self-assured.  We take pride in our work, our school and our appearance.  We are positive about our futures and we will be successful in whatever path we choose.


We are ready and willing to grasp the opportunities available to us.  We will make a valuable contribution to the world of work and society in general.  We develop our values, skills and attributes to become good citizens and lifelong learners.




Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust Vision and Values


Learning to succeed is what Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust is about: a passion for and love of learning with the drive and motivation to succeed.

Our aim is for students to fulfil their limitless potential through perseverance and effort, to recognise that excellence is a habit not an act (Aristotle). Staff are highly trained and here to support, guide and inspire students to continue their learning after school and when they do leave our schools, to do so with the confidence to see the world as an opportunity.

We aim to provide the best opportunities for learning and a climate within which a sense of moral responsibility is clear and that each child recognises that humanity and the common good is a key aim for all.

We have four pillars for success:

Students who achieve in the top 20% of similar schools, who go on to fulfil their highest aspiration and are seen as ambassadors for the school and positive role models in the community.

Staff for whom we are the employer of choice, providing a great place in which to work and an environment where they can be the best.

Parents/Carers who know that Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust really cares about their children, recognise that it has effective strategies to meet individual needs and for whom the School is the natural choice to entrust the education of their children.

A Community for whom we are a partner of choice which improve outcomes locally, regionally, nationally and globally.


By the time our students leave the Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust they will be literate, numerate confident young people with high aspirations, independent learning skills and a sense of moral responsibility.