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Staff Contacts

Senior Leadership Team

Mr P Marano Headteacher pmarano@tilecross.academy
Mr P Edmundson Deputy Headteacher & English pedmundson@tilecross.academy
Mr G Sanghera Deputy Headteacher & Science gsanghera@tilecross.academy
Mrs J Pemberton

Assistant Headteacher & Science

Mrs M Gascoyne Assistant Headteacher & PE mgascoyne@tilecross.academy
Mrs T Robinson Assistant Headteacher & English trobinson@tilecross.academy


Mr R Khan Head of English rkhan@tilecross.academy
Ms B Kusmierz English bkusmierz@tilecross.academy
Mrs B Orchard English borchard@tilecross.academy
Mrs I Islam English & Head of Year 10 iislam@tilecross.academy
Miss N Hunt English & Head of Year 8 nhunt@tilecross.academy
Mr S Zlomuzica English szlomuzica@tilecross.academy
Mrs F Bibi English fbibi@tilecross.academy
Ms R Bibi English rbibi@tilecross.academy


Mr A Mahmood Head of Maths amahmood@tilecross.academy
Mrs U Azad Maths uazad@tilecross.academy
Mrs G Allcock Maths & Head of Year 9 gallcock@tilecross.academy
Mrs H Chopra Maths hchopra@tilecross.academy
Mrs W Zeshan Maths wzeshan@tilecross.academy
Mrs M Suleman Maths msuleman@tilecross.academy


Mrs P Mvura Head of Science pmvura@tilecross.academy
Ms N Begum Science nbegum@tilecross.academy
Ms S Mughal Science smughal@tilecross.academy
Miss Z Bibi Science zbibi@tilecross.academy
Mr K Afsar Science kafsar@tilecross.academy
Mr S Javaid Science sjavaid@tilecross.academy

Creative Technology

Mrs C Gray Head of Creative Technology cgray@tilecross.academy
Miss C Thompson Creative Technology cthompson@tilecross.academy
Mr A Davie Music adavie@tilecross.academy
Mr M Miller Creative Technology mmiller@tilecross.academy
Ms J Jones Drama jjones@tilecross.academy
Ms M Bramwell Creative Technology mbramwell@tilecross.academy


Ms A Ahmed Head of Humanities aahmed@tilecross.academyj
Mr J Hipkiss Humanities hipkiss@tilecross.academy
Mr P Kapoor Humanities pkapoor@tilecross.academy
Ms P Ahmed Humanities pahmed@tilecross.academy
Ms K Mwaura Humanities - WHMAT Lead Practitioner kmwaura@whmat.academy


Mrs N McAndrew Head of MFL nmcandrew@tilecross.academy
Mrs K Reid MFL kreid@tilecross.academy
Mr P Jones MFL - WHMAT Lead Practitioner pjones@whmat.academy


Mr N Austin Head of PE naustin@tilecross.academy
Mrs J Bowden PE jbowden@tilecross.academy
Mrs S Fellows PE sfellows@tilecross.academy
Mr G Ip PE gip@tilecross.academy
Miss J Stedmon HSC & Head of Year 7/11 jstedmon@tilecross.academy

Pastoral Support

Mr A Hussain Pastoral Manager – Year 11 ahussain@tilecross.academy
Mr J Miller Pastoral Manager – Year 10 jmiller@tilecross.academy
Mr A Elsmore Pastoral Manager – Year 9 aelsmore@tilecross.academy
Mrs C Costa Pastoral Manager – Year 8 ccosta@tilecross.academy
Mr E Bradshaw Pastoral Manager – Year 7 ebradshaw@tilecross.academy

Student Welfare Team

Mr Stylianou Safeguarding Manager astylianou@tilecross.academy

TA Support

Mrs A Al-Monsur Teaching Assistant aal-monsur@tilecross.academy
Miss C Matthews Teaching Assistant cmatthews@tilecross.academy
Miss S Young Teaching Assistant syoung@tilecross.academy
Mrs S Thomas Teaching Assistant sthomas@tilecross.academy
Ms N King Teaching Assistant nking@tilecross.academy
Mr M Bradford Teaching Assistant mbradford@tilecross.academy
Ms S Kulsuma Teaching Assistant skulsuma@tilecross.academy

Support Staff

Mrs S Welch Office Manager swelch@tilecross.academy
Ms A Milner PA to the Headteacher, Cover & Absence Manager amilner@tilecross.academy
Miss T Parkes Attendance Clerk and Admissions tparkes@tilecross.academy
Ms K Pall Exams Officer kpall@tilecross.academy
Ms L Evans Librarian levans@tilecross.academy
Mrs S Duckhouse Receptionist sduckhouse@tilecross.academy
Ms L Oldnall General Administrator loldnall@tilecross.academy
Ms D Flynn General Administrator dflynn@tilecross.academy
Mr N Poulson Lunchtime Supervisor npoulson@tilecross.academy
Ms K Shaw Lunchtime Supervisor kshaw@tilecross.academy
Mr A Ayannie Cover Supervisor  


Mrs M Johal Careers Advisor mjohal@tilecross.academy
Mrs S Akhtar Careers Coordinator sakhtar@tilecross.academy


@TileCross - 11 Apr
Culture Day! We asked everyone to wear traditional cultural clothes or non uniform to raise money for charity today. Here are some of Year 9, 10 & 11 all looking amazing pic.twitter.com/dXI6itod3o— Tile Cross Academy () April 11, 2024
@TileCross - 11 Apr
Culture Day! We asked everyone to wear traditional cultural clothes or non uniform to raise money for charity today.Here are some pictures of Year 7 and Year 8 students looking amazing during break time with Mrs Pemberton pic.twitter.com/kDU9pViLpw— Tile Cross Academy () April 11, 2024
@TileCross - 10 Apr
Thursday 11th April is a non-uniform day. Students are welcome to wear traditional cultural dress. Please ensure that any clothes worn should be appropriate for a school environment. Students will be asked to donate £1 and money will be collected as they enter the school.— Tile Cross Academy () April 10, 2024
@TileCross - 10 Apr
Eid Mubarak to all our families and staff who are celebrating today! May this special day bring you joy, peace, and blessings. Enjoy the celebrations with your loved ones pic.twitter.com/dndWNGhgPS— Tile Cross Academy () April 10, 2024
@TileCross - 22 Mar
March’s Newsletter is an absolute Bumper Edition with so many lovely stories of trips and charity fund raising.Click the link to read all about it:https://t.co/gkauYN5eiU pic.twitter.com/yI4U1esRxg— Tile Cross Academy () March 22, 2024
@TileCross - 22 Mar
Last Night was Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust Grand Iftar celebration held at Special thanks to Abbiha Rizvi for representing with her amazing performance which stole the showRamadan Mubarak! Have a blessed Ramadan pic.twitter.com/RglxwViwMv— Tile Cross Academy () March 22, 2024
@TileCross - 22 Mar
Maya is plotting the course and the gang cook in the Galley! with thanks to pic.twitter.com/DweWfyz4IK— Tile Cross Academy () March 22, 2024
@TileCross - 22 Mar
Exciting pictures of the girls yachting trip Flying the flag! pic.twitter.com/1DgfHfD0ar— Tile Cross Academy () March 22, 2024
@TileCross - 21 Mar
More Exciting pictures today of the girls yachting trip.Serenity climbing the mast! with thanks to for help with funding pic.twitter.com/6lYFRZRpDb— Tile Cross Academy () March 21, 2024
@TileCross - 21 Mar
Inclusion Comic Strip Competition has closed and we can all agree that 1st place is amazing, with so much attention to detail!Well done to all students for their amazing entries#SEND pic.twitter.com/s0E8HrO7eg— Tile Cross Academy () March 21, 2024
@TileCross - 20 Mar
Great pictures from today of the girls yachting trip with with thanks to for help with funding pic.twitter.com/qVebr3jgl5— Tile Cross Academy () March 20, 2024
@TileCross - 20 Mar
10 bold girls from years 8 and 10 are accompanying Mr Mackintosh and Mrs Zeshan on a five day voyage aboard one of the ocean going yachts of the with thanks to a grant awarded by pic.twitter.com/EXgQunuk9U— Tile Cross Academy () March 20, 2024
@TileCross - 15 Mar
Congratulations to Clare Matthews (one of Super Star HLTA's) &Sam Young (one of our amazing TA's) who have both won awards from this term! Clare featured in SALT newsletter&won funding for resourcesOur Inclusion team work really hard&it's so great to see them recognised https://t.co/ekiWvrGEyX— Tile Cross Academy () March 15, 2024
@TileCross - 15 Mar
Lots of fun activities today to raise money for We have Fairground Stalls in the HeartZone! Beat the Drums in Central Hall! Challenges on the Astro!After school there is a Badminton Around The World Challenge for Staff and Students!#comicrelief pic.twitter.com/FFa3qLlWT3— Tile Cross Academy () March 15, 2024
@TileCross - 11 Mar
Excited Year 7 pictured outside Buckingham Palace ready for the celebration at pic.twitter.com/H0O4H2FHjv— Tile Cross Academy () March 11, 2024
@TileCross - 11 Mar
Year 7 students will be in attendance at todays Commonwealth service in the presence of His Majesty the King & Queen. This is a celebration of the Commonwealth, in its 75th anniversary year & will take place today at Westminster Abbey at 2.45pm. — Tile Cross Academy () March 11, 2024
@TileCross - 8 Mar
The February Newsletter is here!Click the link to read all about it!https://t.co/hPUopnuuiQ pic.twitter.com/TT6mGjIHmH— Tile Cross Academy () March 8, 2024
@TileCross - 8 Mar
WE ARE GOLD! We have remained a Gold Pathway to Podium School!Our amazing PE Team have made sure we are one of the best schools for sport provision in the 85 schools in the programme. This is a fantastic achievement - Well Done TCA PE! pic.twitter.com/jTA396hx5t— Tile Cross Academy () March 8, 2024
@TileCross - 7 Mar
Lots of lovely events for all the students in the library today for Joyal, one of our Library Ambassadors, is showing off an entry to the best bookmark competition! pic.twitter.com/qMkGypYRo2— Tile Cross Academy () March 7, 2024
@TileCross - 7 Mar
TCA Staff were asked to decorate eggs to represent books for is Jaws, Gangsta Granny, the BFG and a couple of Gruffalo's to name a few! Can you name anymore? Who do you think has earnt top prize? pic.twitter.com/BCNaBrwA6q— Tile Cross Academy () March 7, 2024