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Staff Contacts

Senior Leadership Team

Mr P Marano Headteacher pmarano@tilecross.academy
Mr P Edmundson Deputy Headteacher & English pedmundson@tilecross.academy
Mr G Sanghera Deputy Headteacher & Science gsanghera@tilecross.academy
Mr B Young Assistant Headteacher & PE byoung@tilecross.academy
Mrs M Gascoyne Assistant Headteacher & PE mgascoyne@tilecross.academy
Mrs T Robinson Assistant Headteacher & English trobinson@tilecross.academy


Mrs L Kuku Head of English lkuku@tilecross.academy
Ms B Kusmierz English bkusmierz@tilecross.academy
Mrs D Alausa English dalausa@tilecross.academy
Mrs I Islam English & Head of Year 9 iislam@tilecross.academy
Miss N Hunt English & Head of Year 7 nhunt@tilecross.academy
Mr S Zlomuzica English szlomuzica@tilecross.academy
Mrs F Bibi English fbibi@tilecross.academy


Mr A Mahmood Head of Maths amahmood@tilecross.academy
Mrs U Azad Maths uazad@tilecross.academy
Mrs G Allcock Maths & Head of Year 8 gallcock@tilecross.academy
Mrs H Chopra Maths hchopra@tilecross.academy
Mrs W Zeshan Maths wzeshan@tilecross.academy
Mrs M Suleman Maths msuleman@tilecross.academy
Mr N Bukreedan Maths nbukreedan@tilecross.academy


Mrs P Mvura Head of Science pmvura@tilecross.academy
Mrs J Pemberton Science & Achievement Leader jpemberton@tilecross.academy
Ms N Begum Science nbegum@tilecross.academy
Ms S Mughal Science smughal@tilecross.academy
Miss Z Bibi Science zbibi@tilecross.academy
Mr G Ip Science & PE gip@tilecross.academy

Creative Technology

Mrs C Gray Head of Creative Technology cgray@tilecross.academy
Miss C Thompson Creative Technology cthompson@tilecross.academy
Mr A Davie Music adavie@tilecross.academy
Mr M Miller Creative Technology mmiller@tilecross.academy
Miss J Smith Drama jsmith@tilecross.academy


Ms A Ahmed Head of Humanities aahmed@tilecross.academyj
Mr J Hipkiss Humanities hipkiss@tilecross.academy
Mr J Dawati Humanities jdawati@tilecross.academy
Ms P Ahmed Humanities pahmed@tilecross.academy


Mrs N McAndrew Head of MFL nmcandrew@tilecross.academy
Mrs K Reid MFL kreid@tilecross.academy
Mr P Jones MFL pjones@tilecross.academy


Mr N Austin Head of PE naustin@tilecross.academy
Mrs J Bowden PE jbowden@tilecross.academy
Mrs S Fellows PE sfellows@tilecross.academy
Miss J Stedmon HSC & Head of Year 10/11 jstedmon@tilecross.academy

Pastoral Support

Mrs C Costa Pastoral Manager – Year 11 ccosta@tilecross.academy
Mr A Hussain Pastoral Manager – Year 10 ahussain@tilecross.academy
Mr J Miller Pastoral Manager – Year 9 jmiller@tilecross.academy
Miss  Twomey Pastoral Manager – Year 8 ctwomey@tilecross.academy

Student Welfare Team

Mr Stylianou Safeguarding Manager astylianou@tilecross.academy

TA Support

Mrs A Al-Monsur Teaching Assistant aal-monsur@tilecross.academy
Miss C Matthews Teaching Assistant cmatthews@tilecross.academy
Mr I Palmer Teaching Assistant ipalmer@tilecross.academy
Miss S Young Teaching Assistant syoung@tilecross.academy
Mrs S Thomas Teaching Assistant sthomas@tilecross.academy
Ms N King Teaching Assistant nking@tilecross.academy

Support Staff

Mrs S Welch Office Manager swelch@tilecross.academy
Ms A Milner PA to the Headteacher, Cover & Absence Manager amilner@tilecross.academy
Miss T Parkes Attendance Clerk and Admissions tparkes@tilecross.academy
Ms K Pall Exams Officer kpall@tilecross.academy
Ms L Evans Librarian levans@tilecross.academy
Mrs S Duckhouse Receptionist sduckhouse@tilecross.academy
Ms L Oldnall General Administrator loldnall@tilecross.academy
Ms D Flynn General Administrator dflynn@tilecross.academy
Mr N Poulson Lunchtime Supervisor npoulson@tilecross.academy


Mrs M Johal Careers Advisor mjohal@tilecross.academy
Mrs S Akhtar Careers Coordinator sakhtar@tilecross.academy


@TileCross - 26 May
Here is our latest Newsletter https://t.co/WMHVB6lCYq pic.twitter.com/krkLqCHuxk— Tile Cross Academy () May 26, 2023
@TileCross - 25 May
Wojciech and Freya having achieved Gold in the Junior Maths Challenge are through to the follow-on Junior Kangaroo round, we are incredibly proud and wish them the best of luck! pic.twitter.com/nTE4UpGqH6— Tile Cross Academy () May 25, 2023
@TileCross - 25 May
Massive congratulations to Niom, Wojciech, Hassan, Fasih, Dexter, Adrian, Abdullah, Freya, Fanta, Ayesha, Eman and Kieran for achieving 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 7 Bronze awards in the Junior Maths Challenge pic.twitter.com/l1GN2r5uYI— Tile Cross Academy () May 25, 2023
@TileCross - 2 May
We have achieved Green in ModeShift STARS!ModeShift STARS is a national award scheme which offers support and rewards to schools for taking steps to promote safer, greener, healthier travel. pic.twitter.com/WRfgOMG3Gs— Tile Cross Academy () May 2, 2023
@TileCross - 2 May
Friday and Saturday saw another successful Stratford Study for a second group of our Yr11 students. Two weeks to go to GCSE exams and we're getting the balance between working hard and incorporating short brain breaks. pic.twitter.com/YdjaHj18ed— Tile Cross Academy () May 2, 2023
@TileCross - 28 Apr
Strike information letter for TCA familieshttps://t.co/PpG1uTzpB4— Tile Cross Academy () April 28, 2023
@TileCross - 26 Apr
Today Central Hall has been transformed into a TV Studio by KMTV who are filming an episode Generation Why? pic.twitter.com/lcOzzyq7fM— Tile Cross Academy () April 26, 2023
@TileCross - 21 Apr
Eid Mubarak!To all our staff and students celebrating, we wish you a happy and blessed Eid! pic.twitter.com/TOmlXD7EE5— Tile Cross Academy () April 21, 2023
@TileCross - 20 Apr
A Strike information letter for TCA families:https://t.co/Ba4wfzZ2al— Tile Cross Academy () April 20, 2023
@TileCross - 18 Apr
A letter for TCA families:https://t.co/bYb1C7hfhN— Tile Cross Academy () April 18, 2023
@TileCross - 18 Apr
Wear a Hat Day for Brain Tumour Research was lots of fun and with thanks to Mrs Welch we raised £150!https://t.co/8eoKS8shKw pic.twitter.com/H22UZkjhwl— Tile Cross Academy () April 18, 2023
@TileCross - 31 Mar
Here is the link to our latest Newsletter!Please have a look at all the wonderful things that took place in Marchhttps://t.co/VJAHm30l2A pic.twitter.com/gAl5tueUUe— Tile Cross Academy () March 31, 2023
@TileCross - 30 Mar
The Great WHMAT Oracy lesson with students from Tile Cross, Saltley and Washwood began today. pic.twitter.com/MAyJlL6tyu— Tile Cross Academy () March 30, 2023
@TileCross - 30 Mar
Here is the YouTube Live Link: https://t.co/P9bromKedP via https://t.co/zPYmJcKOwl— Tile Cross Academy () March 30, 2023
@TileCross - 30 Mar
Tile Cross Academy are recruiting for a Second in Humanities - RE Specialist .Closing date: 9:00am, Thu 20th Apr, 2023.View full details and apply online ⬇️ https://t.co/FbrXIFBz5y— Tile Cross Academy () March 30, 2023
@TileCross - 29 Mar
Wear a Hat Day is back!Friday 31st March come to school in a cap, bandana or hat for fun and donate 50p to this fantastic charity 🥳 pic.twitter.com/wsQSyUuHz3— Tile Cross Academy () March 29, 2023
@TileCross - 29 Mar
We will be celebrating Grand Iftar with our family at Join in by viewing the YouTube live stream from 6pm on Thursday 30th March 2023 pic.twitter.com/24wiwwjbql— Tile Cross Academy () March 29, 2023
@TileCross - 24 Mar
The Inclusion Team are running an Easter Competition! Our SENCo is prepared with lots of chocolate eggs for prizes. Who can entertain the team by writing a story based on the picture? pic.twitter.com/CmxyCLlFWJ— Tile Cross Academy () March 24, 2023
@TileCross - 23 Mar
To all of or staff, students, families and friends we wish you a blessed & very happy Ramadan. May this Ramadan bring immense joy, happiness, and wealth to you and your families pic.twitter.com/LE2HSiGnk4— Tile Cross Academy () March 23, 2023
@TileCross - 23 Mar
A massive congratulations to the Year 10 pupils who attended the . The students showed resilience and complete determination. We are proud of you. Well done guys! Thank you from Mrs Suleman & Mr Sofian to for hosting! pic.twitter.com/IM2Czj8k1O— Tile Cross Academy () March 23, 2023