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Curriculum Overview

At Tile Cross Academy we have high expectations for our students in which they develop and deepen both their subject knowledge and subject expertise through the use of our CORE skills and live out our expectations through developing Character to become outstanding learners and citizens. We aim to provide a high quality education in an atmosphere of mutual respect where each individual is valued as an important member of our school community.  With the wide range of backgrounds and cultures represented in our school population we celebrate diversity and difference, whilst recognising that we are all equal in a ‘Rights Respecting’ ethos where students’ rights are ‘learned, celebrated and lived’.

We strive to develop and nurture the values, skills and attributes which create good citizens and lifelong learners, so that every student can discover, develop and achieve their full potential and be successful in whatever path they choose.   Our broad and balanced curriculum prepares our students to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society, ready and willing to grasp the opportunities available to them and positive about their futures.

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Our ambitious curriculum is designed to engage and stimulate our learners and develop their knowledge and skills to achieve high quality outcomes.

Our learners will:

  • Experience a fun, diverse and challenging curriculum with a wide range of exciting enrichment opportunities designed to develop their character.
  • Learn the subject knowledge, and subject expertise of a broad curriculum with meets their needs and inspires them.
  • Develop their independence, collaboration, resilience in line with our CORE skills.
  • Be supported and challenged as they aim to reach their true potential.
  • Be literate, a CORE skill, which will enable them to access the wider world and be successful in their future life
  • Develop and nurture their cultural knowledge and experiences thorough both the timetabled and our extensive programme of extra-curricular enrichment activities.

Tile Cross Learning Journey

At Tile Cross we have developed a Learning Journey which highlights many of the opportunities that are open to our students as they progress through our school. We aim to enhance students learning with a range of experiences at different points in their school life.

Tile Cross KS3 Curriculum

At Tile Cross we have developed an intensive three year Key Stage 3 which has been designed to support progression and the successful transition from Primary School. Students are supported from individual starting points and a range of pathways have been introduced to ensure all students make raid progress through KS3. Our Key Stage 3 curriculum will allow students to experience a range of exciting subjects whilst developing their CORE Skills, which will equip them for Key Stage 4 and beyond. The CORE Skills are listed below:

Communication – development of oracy skills to help students to be clear and understood

Literacy – to help students develop their use of academic language and use of extended writing

Independence – to encourage students to be resilient and use initiative

Knowledge – to develop the skill of reflecting and recalling information

Enquiry – to encourage students to be curious and explore ideas and opinions

Collaboration – to improve group work and team building skills

Each curriculum area has a vision and an overview of course content for Years 7 & 8 which can be found on the Subject Information page.

Subject Information

Grouping of Students at KS3

As students’ progress through KS3, they will be placed in a variety of teaching groups according to their ability and the needs of individual faculties. Groupings are reviewed on a regular basis and changes are made throughout Years 7, 8 & 9. Students who require extra support in KS3 are supported within our skills school classes. Here students are supported with their literacy and numeracy skills to bridge the gap between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. Students who reach expected progress will then experience the full curriculum as they will be equipped with the skills to achieve.

Tile Cross KS4 Curriculum

At Tile Cross students study a core programme of GCSE English Language and Literature, GCSE Mathematics and Physical Education. Students also have opportunities to study GCSE Triple or GCSE Combined Science. Where appropriate, students are encouraged to continue with a GCSE Modern Foreign Language and a GCSE Humanity subject. In addition, students choose up to three additional subjects from a wide range of options. At Tile Cross we offer a wide range of GCSE and Vocational Subjects to study throughout KS4 which allows our students to deepen their skills and knowledge while continuing to access a range of subjects. There are many opportunities for students to revisit, consolidate and apply their learning.

Grouping of Students at KS4

As students’ progress through KS4, they are placed in a variety of teaching groups according to their ability and the needs of individual faculties. Groupings are reviewed on a regular basis and changes are made throughout Years 10 & 11. Students who require extra support in KS4 are supported within our personalised curriculum pathway. Here students are supported with their literacy and numeracy skills to ensure these are further developed to ensure they make rapid improvements. Some students study Entry Level Maths, English or Science and ASDAN and/or ACHIEVE. A team of academic mentors are also on hand to support students and ensure that they achieve their full potential

Enrichment & Character Curriculum

Throughout Tile Cross all students are given the opportunity to take part in a wide range of enrichment activities.  These range from trips within the UK and abroad, lunchtime and afterschool clubs for Sport, Arts, STEM etc, Visits from external providers, Careers encounters from a range of local employers and even opportunities to join the Sea Cadets and take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. We also have developed a range of Topic days in which students take part in an exciting range of activities targeted towards specific themes.

All students study PSHE & Citizenship throughout KS3 & 4 and these themes are reinforced in regular weekly assemblies. We are currently working on a Character programme in which students can showcase all the events they take part in to support in recording and documenting the whole experience of life here at Tile Cross.

For more information on our curriculum, please email the Academy and put ‘curriculum’ in the subject line.