Results Day

Year 11 GCSE Results will be on Thursday 24th August 2023 from 09:30am -11:30am.

Year 10 results will be posted.

Mock Exams 2023



Post-Results Services (PRS): Deadlines, Fees and Charges

Information from the JCQ PRS publication summarising the post-results services offered by the JCQ member awarding bodies can be found here.

Download the post-results services: request, consent, and payment form here          

Who can submit a request for a review?

Appeals for internal candidates must be submitted by the head of centre. A head of centre can appeal against the outcome of a clerical re-check, a review of marking or a review of moderation.

When providing their consent to a clerical re-check or review of marking, a candidate also confirms that they understand that the outcome of any subsequent appeal might be that their final subject grade and/or mark may be lower than, higher than, or stay the same as the result which was originally awarded.

Please note that internal candidates and/or their parents/carers are not entitled to appeal directly to the awarding body. Representations must be made to the head of centre where the candidate was entered or registered. The head of centre’s decision as to whether to proceed with an appeal is subject to the centre’s internal appeals arrangements.

Exam Information for Candidates

Examinations are a crucial part of education for all students. The process can be a stressful and worrying time, however the key to a successful exam period is to be prepared, understand what is expected of you, revise well and do the best you can.

If students or parents have any queries or need help or advice at any time before, during or after the exams please contact:

The Examinations Officer – Miss K Pall – kpall@tilecross.academy

Examination Regulations

The awarding bodies (exam boards) have strict rules which must be followed for the conduct of exams and Tile Cross Academy is required to follow them precisely.  Students should therefore pay particular attention to the documents below produced by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and updated annually.