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Exam & Key Stage Results

2022 results can be found by clicking here.

The table below outlines our results and progress for 2017-2019. 

KS2 Prior Attainment is based on a pupil’s results from their Year 6 SATs test at Primary School. The figure shown is their average across English and Maths converted into a points system. Our school consistently has a large number of pupils who have not got SATs results. In order to track the progress of these pupils they sit a recognised CAT test (Cognitive Ability Test) which tests for latent ability. The test result includes a retrospective SAT score which allows us to set targets the same as our prior attainment pupils. On the table below you can see progress 8 scores for both the official prior attainment pupils (P8) and all our pupils (P8 plus CAT tested pupils).

Progress 8 is the measure used by the DfE to show how well a school is progressing. A score of 0 indicates pupils are making expected progress across 8 subjects including English and Maths. To be included in this measure a pupil must have sat their SATs in KS2.

Attainment 8 is an average of a pupil’s best 8 results including English and Maths. This measure includes all pupils as it does not rely on prior attainment.

  Summer 2017 Summer 2018 *Summer 2019 Summer 2019
  P8 All P8 All P8 All P8 All
KS2 Prior Attainment – APS 24.3   26.3   25.5   25.5  
Progress 8 Score -0.36 +0.09 -0.31 -0.01 -0.26 +0.15 -0.33 +0.08
Number of Students 120 127 112 113
Average Attainment 8 3.3 3.5 3.4 3.4
Grade 4+ in English & Maths 24.2% 40.2% 41.1% 40.7%
Grade 4+ in English 43.3% 51.2% 51.8% 51.3%
Grade 4+ in Maths 51.7% 46.5% 51.8% 51.3%
2 Grade 4+ in Science 35.8% 52.4% 50.9% 50.4%

* Results excluding one exceptional case

Student Destinations – % of students who continue in further education or training = 100%

Since the arrival of a new Senior Leadership Team in 2017 results have consistently improved and we are on track to achieve our highest grades ever this year.

  • These results clearly show that since 2017 our progress 8 score has increased from -0.36 to -0.26. 
  • Our English & Maths grade 4+ has increased from 34.2% to 41.1%.
  • Our English grade 4+ has increased by nearly 10% and our Maths grade 4+ is consistently high.
  • Our Science grade 4+ has seen a 15% increase.

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