The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

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Some changes have been put in place for current candidates with regard to completing their expedition sections and moving up to the next level. Full details can be found on the DofE website. TCA will be making use of several of the changes in 2021/22.

What is it?

The Award is a qualification recognised by colleges, universities and employers. It consists of four sections, three of which must be completed for a duration of 3-6 months for Bronze and 6-12 months for Silver.

Skills: develop a practical skill in something new or something you already participate in (examples include religious studies, jewellery making, knitting, cookery)

Physical: improve in an area of sport, dance or fitness activities (examples include trampolining, football, kick boxing)

Volunteering: undertaking service to individuals or the community (examples include charity shops, youth clubs, school library, prefects)

Expedition: planning, training  for and completion of an adventurous journey (includes practice walks, a practice 2 day expedition and a qualifying 2 day expedition for Bronze, 3 days for Silver)

Who can do it?

The Bronze Award is open to those in Years 9-11 and the Silver Award for those in Years 10-11. It is better to have completed Bronze before attempting Silver.

How do I get involved?

You need parental permission to take part and a payment of £30 to cover the registration cost and contributions to campsite fees. Speak to Mrs Bowden for further information.

Volunteering Hours

See the impact TCA candidates have made in the community in  2022.

Challenge Weekend 2022 (in lieu of expedition)

In April, the bronze candidates spent a day completing a series of challenges followed by a day navigating round the Shustoke/Kingsbury area. This was an adaptation made by DofE to allow expedition sections to be completed under Covid restrictions. Day 1 was spent doing a range of activities including map reading, creating a launcher, putting up tents, packing rucksacks, obstacles courses and cooking on trangias. Day 2 was spent attempting to navigate with a map and compass to a designated finish point via a predetermined route. Whilst all got a bit lost at some point along the way, everyone made it to the checkpoints and finish point on time. All candidates successfully completed the weekend and had their expedition section signed off. 

The Silver candidates spent day 1 in the local area designing a treasure trail for primary aged pupils. They went out with a map and an iPad and spent the day taking photos and finding marker points that they could use. On their return they then devised a map and appropriate resources for the trail. On day 2 they were also navigating round Shustoke and Kingsbury. They are all now looking forward to their qualifying expedition in July.

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Silver Expedition Report 2021

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The Silver expedition this year consisted of 3 days of walking in the Lickey Hills and Cannock Chase. Covid rules allowed for no camping but they still had to cook food on the trangias (we did this in the school car park!!). Two groups set off on a wet and miserable Friday with smiles on their faces. The smiles faded somewhat after their navigation let them down but they all found the finish point and returned again the next day. Day 2 and day 3 were far more successful, with excellent navigation and any errors being quickly corrected. Developing teamwork and communication were the aims which all managed very well. The much improved weather helped tremendously and all candidates were successful in completing their expedition section. All that remains now is for them to produce and give a presentation on their weekend