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The conduct of all students on their journey to and from school and when wearing our school uniform falls under our behaviour policy. Tile Cross Academy, West Midlands Police and all bus companies want young people to be able to travel safely and confidently when using public transport.

Our school has a Passenger Code of Conduct to remind everyone of acceptable behaviour and to ensure all passengers feel safe on all their journeys. Remember when wearing our school uniform you are representing our school and students should always act in a considerate and safe manner when using and around public transport. Transport Operators have the discretion to deny students travel for anti-social behaviour.


  • Wait at the bus stop or station in a sensible manner.
  • Ensure you have a valid ticket/pass or the correct change. Most buses will not give out change.
  • Act safely and responsibly while travelling.
  • Pick up all your litter show your respect for property.
  • Co-operate with staff, treat them and other passengers with respect.
  • Ensure you are the only person to hear your music.
  • Respect other passengers’ property and space.
  • For the bus to stop and let other passengers exit before attempting to board.


  • Behave in a way considered anti-social e.g. no fighting, shouting, swearing, spitting etc.
  • Be abusive towards staff or passengers.
  • Graffiti on public transport or their premises.
  • Put your feet on the seats or vandalise public transport property.
  • Push or rush towards the bus when it arrives – you may push someone into the path of the moving vehicle.
  • Use language which can offend.
  • Smoke (including vaping and e-cigarettes), take drugs or drink alcohol on public transport or their premises