Year 9 Options 2024

The options process is an important part of Year 9. What you choose now, you will study for a further 2 years so you need to ensure you make considered and appropriate choices. Your options should be taken in conjunction with your parents and teachers to make sure you choose wisely. Considerations that you need to discuss together are possible future career paths, subjects you are good at and subjects you enjoy,

You should not choose a subject simply because your friends are doing it as they may choose/like things that are not appropriate for you. Also, don't base your choices on whether you like/dislike a teacher. There is no guarantee that the same teacher will be teaching you again next year.

The first video below gives you further information about the process and how you should go about choosing your options.


Core GCSE Subjects

These are the ones that you have to study and you will gain a qualification in.

Please click on any subject video to learn more about that subject.

English Language


English Literature

Combined Science


You will also have 2 hours of Physical Education each week.


Option Subjects

These are the ones that you have a choice in. You will study 3 of them throughout Years 10 and 11.

Please click on any subject video to learn more about that subject.


      Art & Design     




Religious Education










Performing Arts















Health &

Social Care






Choosing your option subjects

You will be sent a link via your school email to Microsoft Forms. Click on this link to access the options form. You must choose a different subject in each section.

The form needs to have been submitted by Friday February 2nd  2024. You will then be invited to a 1:1 interview with one of the options team regarding your choices.