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Welcome to our mathematics department. Studying and being successful at mathematics have underpinned the technological and information revolutions that have transformed our modern world.  It is a beautiful, powerful, enriching and immensely stimulating subject. Mathematics is the study of patterns and structure. Mathematicians are key individuals in such a wide variety of roles in today’s world because of their ability to think abstractly and to generalise concepts, and these skills are the skills we at Tile Cross will develop in all of our students

We at Tile Cross pride ourselves in providing the best opportunities to enable all students to be well equipped with the necessary mathematics skill, knowledge and experience so they can apply themselves in the real world.  Our mathematics department ensures a robust academic provision to ensure all students have an opportunity to make the correct choices when leaving school.  This includes having the required qualification to begin college at A-Level, or start an apprenticeship and begin work related learning or begin their career in any form of industry.

Our vision is simple; our mathematics department will provide all students with a high standard of learning of our subject expertise through our CORE skills.  We ensure all students are progressing irrespective of their starting points in a safe environment strongly underpinned by our Tile Cross standards. 

Our department consists of 6 full time qualified teachers and one part time qualified academic coach.  Between us all we teach, support and guide students to take every opportunity to make their mathematical studies a success.

The Key Stage 3 programme of study is organised into distinct units which allow students to build on key stage 2 and develop connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluency, in mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems through mathematical mastery. Students also build skills to apply their mathematical knowledge in science, geography, computing and other subjects. The programme is taught through nine lessons over a two week timetable which enables us to cover the curriculum in its entire depth and breadth.

At Key stage 4 students undertake a programme which builds on learning from key stage 3 to further develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems. Students also apply their mathematical knowledge wherever relevant in other subjects and in financial contexts. At Tile Cross we follow the Edexcel GCSE syllabus and all students are entered in a GCSE exam to accredit their study. We also support the less able students to gain accreditation in an Edexcel Entry qualification.  To date 100% students have passed their Entry level qualification.

Teachers in the mathematics department work in a team and are ambitious for their students.  They seek every opportunity to motivate students and challenge underperformance.  Students at Tile Cross are introduced to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities in their lessons and during different points in their school life to appreciate and apply mathematics to the real world.  Students in Years 7 and 8 are involved in the United Kingdom Mathematical Challenges.  We have also entered students in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad and have seen success against local and national schools.